SodaStream Can Help Your Thanksgiving Planning

| Friday, November 5th, 2010 |

1. To enhance your main dishes: Whether glazed or braised, cola has been a longstanding accent to some sweet, juicy Thanksgiving hams and other pork dishes. From uber-simple recipes such as this cola-braised pork stew from Epicurious to a more technical cola-braised pot roast courtesy of Emeril Legasse, there’s something for every level of culinary keenness. So what about cola makes it so perfect for pork? According to Marc of the cooking blog “No Recipes,” braising ham in cola not only adds a complementary sweet flavor but it also reduces the salt content and softens the meat. [Also check out Marc’s delicious-looking cherry cola bacon!] So this Thanksgiving, try adding some fizzy flavor to that flank.

2. To enhance your desserts: There are cakes and then there are cakes that are extra fluffy and even fat free. For the brave dieter of the season, diet soda can act as a stand-in for the egg/water you typically are instructed to add to cake mixes. There is a fabulous list of combinations living over on; we’re especially intrigued by the yellow-cake and lemon-lime combo as well as white cake mix with ginger ale. Hungry for more dessert recipes? Check out some of our earlier SodaStream posts.

Kick that ham up a notch with a splash of cola.

3. To keep your guests entertained: You’re running late with the dinner preparations, but family members and guests are already drinking. Punctuate those glasses of wine with some sobering, but just as fancy, sparkling water from your SodaStream. It adds variety and isn’t as boring as plain ole’ tap. Plus they can be entertained as they make their own sparkly!

4. To keep the kids involved: Everyone loves to feel fancy at dinner for an event as important as Thanksgiving. Rather than give your underage guests sparkling apple cider (which is typically chock full of unhealthy sugars), how about serving them sparkling water with a spritz of white grape or apple juice instead?

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