IKEA Hacks for SodaStream Storage

| Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 |

For those of us cooking out of tiny kitchens, counter space is prime real estate. With the coffee machine, rice cooker, microwave oven and toaster all cluttered about, sometimes I suspect myself of being a gadget hoarder!

Thankfully, with a little creativity and minimal handyman know-how, there are tons of innovative ways to free up your kitchen space. One of my favorite sites is IKEAHackers.net, where people submit pictures of their customized IKEA furniture. They’ve got some innovative ideas that would work great for anyone needing a little extra breathing room for their SodaStream.

  • Look up! One thing I absolutely love about this rack design is how you don’t compromise storage for convenience. With these wall-mounted mini-shelves you can elegantly display your sodamixes and your machine, keep the machine within easy reach and not have to sacrifice valuable counter space. Link to instructions.
  • If drilling things into the wall is a no-go. How about opening up the space below your counters? This IKEA hacker came up with a cool way to turn square bookshelves into an easy-to-access cabinet for all her appliances. Link to instructions.

  • Those SodaStream owners with a flair for the illusory (and with a small pantry space to spare) can look into building this appliance storage unit with multiple pull-out platforms. Imagine if that was a SodaStream machine instead of a coffee maker! Link to instructions.

We’d love to know some of your creative ways to store your SodaStream machine and its accoutrements!

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  1. Brendan James says:



    Even Walmart is getting into the healthier lifestyle. Might be worth a write up (and for your sales force to use as an introduction to the awesome power that is SodaStream)!

  2. So you approve of people using things in a way that the manufacturer did not intend? Sweet. (dusts of hands) Well, I’m off to the internet to buy a paintball cylinder adapter kit for my soda club dispenser. Thanks for your implicit approval!

  3. bookshelves target

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