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| Friday, December 28th, 2012 |

Welp, the holidays are over. That means no more caroling and no more decorating–what a bummer–but that also means we get to play with all our new presents! For those of you lucky ducks that unwrapped a SodaStream this year, you might be thinking, “So what do I do now?” Never fear, fizzers, I’ve put together a handy cheat-sheet to answer all your queries about your new favorite fizz whiz.

How do I clean the bottles?

Great question! The reusable SodaStream bottles aren’t dishwasher friendly, so I recommend hand washing them with some warm, soapy water. Pro tip: If you immediately fill your clean bottles with water and store them in the fridge, you’ll always have chilled water on hand for whenever you want to carbonate!

It’s not fizzy enough! What do I do? 

Hmm, how many times do you hear the buzz? Oh, you didn’t hear a buzz? Be sure to push the button down firmly and repeatedly until you hear a loud buzz. Here’s a good rule of thumb: One LOUD buzz makes your water only lightly fizz, three loud buzzes is average fizziness, and five loud buzzes is VERY fizzy. Pro tip: Make sure you use VERY cold water for carbonation (it holds the bubbles better than plain tap water!).

Oh no, my soda is just not flavorful enough! What went wrong? 

The awesome thing about SodaStream is that it lets you choose how sweet and flavorful your drink should be! Make sure to fill only to the level of the water line (those little blue arrows) because overfilling will dilute the flavor. For a full liter, fill the sodamix cap almost all the way–but for a half-liter, fill the sodamix cap half-way! Also, after adding the sodamix, make sure the syrup mixes completely with the water.

The most important thing to remember is how great experimenting can be. If at first you don’t succeed, fizz, fizz again! Don’t get discouraged if your first go-around isn’t absolutely perfect. Try adding more/less syrup or more/less fizzy. There’s a perfectly balanced soda for everyone!

Can I recycle the parts of my SodaStream?

Yup, you sure can! It’s super important to us here at SodaStream that all aspects of the system are sustainable. Check with the folks at your local recycling center to find out how to recycle your SodaStream items.

Can I carbonate drinks other than water?

Nope, only water should be carbonated with your SodaStream. If not, you risk damaging your soda maker, not to mention making a big fizzy mess! So stick with plain cold water and then add any one of our fantastic flavors — after carbonation, of course!

Can I re-fizz a drink that has gone flat?

Well, if you’re drinking plain seltzer, then the answer is y-e-s. But if you’ve already made a drink with the sodamix then, sadly, the answer is no. Remember: only water can be carbonated with the SodaStream!

How do I know if my carbonator is empty?

Here’s an easy way to tell: If your carbonator is empty, you won’t see any bubbles when you push the button, or you might see some bubbles, but never hear the buzzing sound.  If you think your carbonator is empty, it’s time to exchange it! Click here to see how you can swap your canister for a brand new one:

Hope this guide helps you on your new SodaStream adventure! If you still have a burning question about your machine, us folks at SodaStream are always free to lend a hand over at Happy fizzing!

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    Has the sugar you use changed since the 70/80s it tastes less syrupy eg Pepsi and more artificial sugar like diet drinks

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