Meet the Flavors: Round 2

| September 13th, 2013 |

This summer, we had a few new kids on the soda block. To help you get to know them, I gave you a taste of their personalities. But there are a whole bunch of awesome mixes in the world–what if your soda soulmate is out there, but you just haven’t met yet?

Let me take a moment to (re)introduce you to some flavorful folks:


Kool Aid Grape

A Little About Me: I’m a wild dude who lives life to the fullest.

Favorite Song of the Summer: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

Idea of a Perfect Date: Totally spontaneous, at someplace I’ve never been before. Just expecting the unexpected.


Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea

A Little About Me: I’m a Southern belle with a bit of an edge.

Favorite Song of the Summer:  “Best Song Ever” by One Direction

Idea of a Perfect Date: A walk on the …

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Labor Day Fizz List

| August 30th, 2013 |
Tropical Storm

Welp, here they are. The final days of our Summer of Fizz. You know what that means: We’ve got to savor the season and totally live it up this holiday weekend! To make sure we say farewell to the summer with the same level of fizziness that we kicked it off with, I’ve put together a nifty drink list AND playlist for your Labor Day shindig.

Let’s do this.


Drink: Tropical Storm

Song: Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities

No matter the weather, this punch will “lift you up.” With this fun, fruity party drink in attendance, your guests will be eager to hear you say those magic words: “I could fill your cup.”

Drink: Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

Song: Entertainment” by Phoenix

Whenever you’re entertaining, this zesty soda is absolutely your go-to crowd-pleaser. The “headline from this day on” is: Awesome Drink Served At …

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Happy National Lemonade Day

| August 20th, 2013 |
Lemonade Stand 1

Hooray, we get a whole holiday to celebrate the zestiness of summer’s most refreshing beverage: lemonade! Today, August 20th, is officially National Lemonade Day. That means it’s the perfect time to break out the SodaStream Country Time or Crystal Light and raise a glass to a bubbly, delicious day!

Here are some fizz-tive ideas for you:

An Old-Fashioned Lemonade Stand

Give your little entrepreneurs a fun way to earn some extra pocket money by starting a lemonade stand on your block. Need help getting started? Here are tips from our friends at Kraft on running your own stand:

Step 1. Round up the supplies: plastic pitchers, napkins, small paper cups, a sturdy table, chairs, a cooler, ice, and–of course!–lots of lemonade.

Step 2. Spread the word! Post and hand out fliers around your neighborhood.

Step 3. Set the price. Depending on your costs and competition, consider charging between 25 and …

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Tips & Tricks for the Fizzy Freshman

| August 16th, 2013 |
back to school

Right now, countless teenagers across the country are taking their last sips of summer soda and getting ready to start a brand new school year off at college. This is such a BIG life step! It’s super exciting, sure, but it can also be quite nerve-wracking. Well, never fear, fizzers–as always,  I’m here to help.

From dorm life to study hacks, here are my tips for how to go back to school, SodaStream style:

  • When it comes to packing, less is more. Grab the clothes you think you’ll need while you’re off at school. Then put only half of that pile into your suitcases. Just make sure to bring enough clothing with you that you can go at least two weeks between washing–this will save a bunch of money! Remember: the more underwear you pack, the less you have to do laundry.

  • Unsure of the dorm or apartment essentials? Take

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The Fizziest of Them All

| August 9th, 2013 |

Dear Fizzers,

A few months ago we launched a super cool Fizzy Fan Club on Facebook! Since then, we’ve inducted three whole new soda superstars as members: Nina G. (aka Fizzalicious), Julieann C. Fizzy Fan (aka Queen Fizzalot), and Braylyn Y. (aka Fizztacular).

These ladies sure know how to fizz.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an official card-carrying member of the Fizzy Fan Club too? You’re gonna have to prove it!

Head on over to our “Fan of the Month” tab on Facebook to upload a fizzy photo of yourself. If chosen, we’ll shower you with presents, like:

  • A super official membership card of your very own

  • The fame and glory of being featured in our Facebook cover photo

  • One 60L carbonator and two full liter carbonating bottles

  • Five of your favorite sodamix flavors

This is your chance to be put into the spotlight! I just can’t …

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