CONTEST: Are You Our Number One Eco-Consumer?

| April 22nd, 2011 |

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SodaStream’s number uno eco-consumer!

In honor of Earth Day 2011, Ms. Fizz is hosting a contest to see who among our fizz fans is the best eco-consumer.

What does that mean, you ask on the edge of your seat, mouse button poised to click wildly? It means you’re the kind of superhero who doesn’t let a bottle or can escape the clutches of the nearest recycling bin. It means you’re the culinary maestro that composts everything but the kitchen sink (and even then your kitchen sink is biodegradable within 5 years!). It means you’re mindful of how your purchasing decisions will effect the Earth for generations to come. It means you are, above all, living life to its greenest!

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Your Dream SodaStream: Fantastical Inventions from Fizz Fans!

| April 19th, 2011 |

[View the story "Your Dream SodaStream: Fantastical Inventions from Fizz Fans! " on Storify]

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Ice Cream Float Recipes

| April 13th, 2011 |

Would a root beer float by any other composition taste as sweet?

Weather is finally warming up in our part of the woods, and if we try really hard on some sunny afternoons, we can almost taste the lazy summer days in our not-too-distant future. Color us premature, but we at Ms. Fizz are ready to get the season of flip-flops and shorts started by experimenting with new takes on the traditional ice cream float.

According to history (now more commonly referred to as Wikipedia), the ice cream soda float was invented by a Robert Green in 1874.  According to Green’s own account, he was operating a soda fountain during the sesquicentennial celebration in Philadelphia , and wanted to create a concoction to attract customers away from another vendor who had a fancier, bigger soda fountain. After some experimenting, he combined ice cream and soda water.

And thus an iconic dessert …

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All-Star BULLDOG & SodaStream Gin & Tonics

| April 7th, 2011 |

Let’s talk about one of the most iconic “adult” fizzy drinks out there – the gin and tonic, or the G&T. As the days get longer, and (finally) warmer, you may be starting to think about the carbonated concoctions you can whip up with your SodaStream to beat the heat. The gin and tonic has long been a popular choice as a summer treat, however today, thanks to some help from our friends over at BULLDOG Gin, we’re going to show you how to make some of the most unique and refreshing versions of this classic cocktail that we’ve ever seen.

Our Tonic Sodamix allows the home mixologist to take their cocktailing skills to the next level. Since you make it fresh with tap water you never have to worry about lugging bottles home or the tonic going flat at the crucial moment when you’re serving your guests. It’s …

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A Tribute to Our Loud and Proud Red SodaStream Owners!

| April 1st, 2011 |

It takes a bold kitchen maestro to select the red SodaStream machine for his or her home, be it a Fountain Jet, Genesis or a Crystal model. It’s an audacious choice, nay, a gutsy statement that we’d like to appreciate in full here at Ms. Fizz.

After all, there are only so many things in the kitchen that can come in the same fiery hue. So we’re curious sanguine SodaStream owners, how does your machine blend in with your kitchen landscape? Or perhaps it doesn’t and stands out among the grey and stainless steel wasteland as a beacon of fizzy goodness?

According to color psychologists of repute, red is the color of energy, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. Maybe picking the red machine is an extension of a vibrant cooking meister’s individuality. So whether it’s an aesthetic or personality choice, we at Ms. Fizz would love

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