Actress Susan Sarandon Helps SodaStream Unveil Our Eco-Exhibit at IHA!

| March 9th, 2011 |

On Sunday, SodaStream unveiled a provocative eco-exhibit with Academy-Award winning actress and environmentalist Susan Sarandon at the International Housewares Association Home + Housewares Show (IHA) in Chicago. Representing the number of containers an average family would consume and discard over a five year period, “The Cage” contains over 10,000 empty bottles and cans in a 6x6x12-foot cage. Check out our post on the behind-the-scenes development of The Cage!

As for Ms. Susan herself, the actress had some smart things to say about the national soda habit:

“I’m here today to shed light on a problem most of us don’t usually think about – the devastating impact of our national bottle habit, especially as it relates to our soda consumption,” said Ms. Sarandon. “The recycling rate in America is less than 35 percent. Troubling news to say the least,” she continued, “Particularly considering that this means that 141 billion beverage cans and bottles go to landfill …

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The Making of a Cage – SodaStream at IHA

| March 2nd, 2011 |
Cage Photo

Next week, March 6-8, SodaStream will be an exhibitor at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. What’s the International Home + Housewares Show you ask? Well, the show is staged every year by the International Housewares Association (IHA) and is one of the top 20 largest trade shows in the U.S. It features more than 2,000 exhibitors from 34 countries, and more than 20,000 retail buyers from over 100 countries around the world. Every year more than 60,000 home goods and housewares professionals attend the show.

Paula Deen in the house at last year's show.

You can’t spell “exhibitor” without “exhibit” and we plan to use our booth space to make a huge splash at the show.

SodaStream’s vision is to create a world free of beverage bottles. Our booth display at the IHA show this year is meant to heighten awareness of the literally growing waste problems …

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Presidential Pop

| February 18th, 2011 |

They make the decisions that affect hundreds of millions of lives. One signature from them can determine the fate of trillions of dollars. So who better to take carbonated cues from than our country’s number one leaders? In honor of President’s Day, here’s a look at some of our presidents’ favorite fizzy drinks!

Barack Obama

According to The Telegraph, our current president’s favorite beverage is Honest Tea’s black forest berry iced tea. While not technically a soda, I’m sure that once the commander in chief has had a taste of our Green Tea with Mixed Berry flavors, he’d never go back. Ask not what your country can do for you, but how bubbly can you get that green tea.

Does Obama get busy with the fizzy?

William McKinley

In the election of 1896, as the movement toward prohibition gained steam, then-presidential hopeful William McKinley (nowadays better known as “that other …

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SodaStream Showers Some Valentine’s Day Love on Our Favorite Celebrities

| February 14th, 2011 |
T & D_RedGenesis

If soda be the elixir of love, fizz on, fizz on. Here at SodaStream, we can admit to being occasionally star struck. So this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to show a little love to our favorite celebrity couples by gifting them with personalized Genesis models.

The designers at Nicolina Royale bedazzled the first initials of Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden, and Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, using Swarovski crystals.

Our gift to Tori and Dean even got us some coverage from celebrity gossip mag, InTouch! Check out the shout out here.

From all of us at Ms. Fizz, we hope all our fizz fans have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, may your hearts be filled to the brim!

Scroll below for photos of the three luxe-ified machines we sent to:

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Nicole Ritchie & Joel Madden

Katy Perry and Russell

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Diet Pepsi Can to “Celebrate Women.” Seriously?

| February 10th, 2011 |
skinny pepsi

This week Diet Pepsi unveiled its new “Skinny Can” at New York’s Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. In their press release, the soda giant claims the new “taller, sassier” skinny can is in “celebration of beautiful, confident women.” Pepsi’s spokesperson goes on to hype “Diet Pepsi’s slim, attractive new cans.”

Dear Diet Pepsi, Kate Moss just called and she wants the waif look back.

While Diet Pepsi claims to have a long history of “celebrating women through iconic fashion imagery,” equating being slim with attractiveness, beauty and confidence doesn’t exactly make me want to throw a party.

There’s nothing wrong with giving consumers options. Some people, men and women alike, prefer diet sodas, and innovative package design has its obvious appeal (hellooo Batman-shaped milk cartons). But, and you’ll forgive me for climbing on my “soda box,” there is nothing fashionable about playing on the same, old tired …

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