A Tribute to Our Loud and Proud Red SodaStream Owners!

| April 1st, 2011 |

It takes a bold kitchen maestro to select the red SodaStream machine for his or her home, be it a Fountain Jet, Genesis or a Crystal model. It’s an audacious choice, nay, a gutsy statement that we’d like to appreciate in full here at Ms. Fizz.

After all, there are only so many things in the kitchen that can come in the same fiery hue. So we’re curious sanguine SodaStream owners, how does your machine blend in with your kitchen landscape? Or perhaps it doesn’t and stands out among the grey and stainless steel wasteland as a beacon of fizzy goodness?

According to color psychologists of repute, red is the color of energy, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. Maybe picking the red machine is an extension of a vibrant cooking meister’s individuality. So whether it’s an aesthetic or personality choice, we at Ms. Fizz would love

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Head to Elsewhere for the Best in Bubbles

| March 29th, 2011 |
Elsewhere Drink

At SodaStream we often partner with upcoming and established personalities and organizations in the food and beverage business. This can range from upstart soda entrepreneurs, to bartenders, to casual home chefs to actual restaurants.  The main qualities we look for are creativity, great taste and a passionate fervor for fizz.

One place that has all these attributes in spades, is Manhattan restaurant Elsewhere, owned by Brian Keyser (New Yorkers will recognize him from Casellula Cheese & Wine Café his delicious small plates and wine café in Hells Kitchen). In addition to seasonal treats like lavender-rosemary popcorn and spicy pork sausage meatballs, Elsewhere’s menu features farm-driven cocktails and fresh house made sodas and mixers. House made sodas sounded like a match made in bubble-heaven to us, so when they reached out to us to use our home carbonation system to bring their creations to life, we couldn’t resist.…

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Are You Mad for SodaStream? Enter Our March Madness Contest!

| March 24th, 2011 |


A Flavor Champion has been crowned! Cola was selected by you, the fizz fans, as the top SodaStream flavor. The following fans, in the pool of people who guessed correctly and narrowed down by our super secret selection process will receive a flave-tastic prize. Congrats to:

Jenny McCallister Chaney, Madeleine Baker-Goering, Linda Finger, Jamie Adams, Forrest McCaleb, Brandy Smith, Jamie Anderson, Aaron Meyer, Stefanie Spackman, Michelle Blevins Stepp, Janice Vuong, CJ Sanders, Johnathan W Wallace, Pete Kahn and Elliott O’Reilly.

Sweeping down like a furious plague, March Madness strikes untold numbers of victims each year. Friends, coworkers, even family members are susceptible. Symptoms include compulsive bracket checking, spontaneous bouts of profanity directed at the TV, and intense emotional investment in an orange ball. The only known cure to this crippling disease is to throw your hands up and join in the revelry.

With the games coming to an end …

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Like Us and Save Lives – World Water Day and the One to One Partnership

| March 22nd, 2011 |
The Water Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the environment and living conditions through advocating for the use and increased availability of fresh tap water, today SodaStream is announcing the launch of our One to One partnership with The Water Project Inc.

SodaStream is working in cooperation with The Water Project to build hand-pumped, safe water wells at primary and secondary schools in Western Kenya.  Each new freshwater well directly benefits an average of 200 to 400 students, as well as the surrounding community. When properly maintained, these wells can last up to a decade or more.

One in four children who die before age five dies of a water-related illness - you can make a difference.

The One to One project is a global SodaStream initiative whereby a portion of the proceeds from participating soda maker sales will be donated towards the building of water wells in Kenya.  …

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Doin the “Shamrock Shimmy” on St. Patrick’s Day

| March 17th, 2011 |
Shamrock Shimmy

Happy St Patrick’s Day Fizz Fans!

According to this morning’s Washington Post, “some of the 36 million Americans who claim Irish roots — and perhaps even more who don’t — observe St. Patrick’s Day.” Wow, that’s a lot of green!

While for many people St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to finally wear your Shamrock gear and drink too much beer with friends, St Patrick’s Day is actually a religious feast day for Catholics, commemorating the death of St Patrick. While many legends and conflicting accounts surround the man behind the holiday, St. Patrick is the figure most prominently associated with bringing Christianity to Ireland. For many the day is still a holy day of obligation and for others the holiday has evolved into a secular celebration of all-things Irish, with folks putting on their green and gold and settling down to a meal of corned beef and cabbage …

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